My Gorean Lifetime

mercredi 28 avril 2010

Life continue things change

My Family :

Mickael Pevensey (Wolf) :

Young Gorean 24 yo male,
Actual state : Free Man of gor

Personality : Friendly and a high sense of humor, i like teasing and fighting, and i'm also a hot headed. (My Friends call me lil devil)

Skills : Dance, fighter, musician, and builder and maybe you can say is a skill to be hot headed lol.

Kenshiro Pevensey :

Young Gorean 28yo male, he is my older brother, he was on Matteus service as body guard and after as First Sword of Arad, is free conpanion is Franziskus Ninetails (Franzi is my brother by law and he see me like his real lil brother i love him very mush). Member of the Tiger and Dragon Chain

Personality : My brother Kenshiro, is a very quiet guy, not talking to much, many time he is wise, but like me he can be very hot headed, and many time over protective with me, he think i still a lil baby but now he let me fly by myself.

He is very happy with is FC and he have one Kajiru named Testimo (Teso) Halaan, my bro love his boy very much and regret to not be with him too much.

My Great brother F.C. : Franziskus (Franzi and his Twin's Teso)

Actual state : Dragon of Tidra

Skills : Dance, and a beginer on build, is a good diplomat and a very skilled Tactical advisor.

P.S. (Take time on rp and emote like you feel it, in real situation, Bro, i love you)

Brian Warcliffe ( Eagle ) :

Young Gorean male, Kajirus and third boy of my Master, he is very special for me because he is my secret free companion.

He write this about me :  "He his always been and will forever be my best friends and my love.

He is my one and only love, I love him with all my heart and he his most precious i have in my life.

Your love is like a flower blooming in my heart since that spring morning when you had won, I love you makes me grow every day of my life. I love you my heart more than anything else. "

My Master call him " Petit Ange " what mean lil Angel.

Actual state : Four boy in Dragon chain and Tidra and Third Boy  in my Master chain colared by Franziskus Ninetails on 30 July 2009 Red Silk-Unrestricted with he's Masters express permission only.

Personality : Friendly and a high devoted on he's Master, Brian is a very shining boy always polite and quiet, he speak a strange and old dialect, ((french))  he still learning Gorean language and life style in Gor, he learn fast and

P.S. (Your are the best and the most important in my life, i love you so deeply and you always make me proud to be your conpanion in sl and my boyfriend in RL, i ove you so much. 

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  1. Congrats on your wedding, I am sorry I missed it. I would rather been there than been sitting in a plane for 4 hours. love you Misha


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